Day 4 Recap Closing Ceremonies

Day four… our final leg of the longest trek some of our riders have even been on, let alone for multiple days in a row. The consensus from many of the riders was sadness that it was the last day, even thru the aches and pains they were having so much fun that the thought … [Read more…]

Day 3 Recap

I apologize for the late updates as to how day three went. It was an extremely long, hot and grueling day for our riders, but the outpouring of support along the route showed us all what we’re working so hard to do, which is to get the message and story of these 34 fallen out … [Read more…]

Day 2 Recap

We have arrived in Paris, IL to end the second day of riding for the Gold Star 500. The riders have completed 273 miles of their 515 mile trip. The temperatures spiked from the high 90s into the 100s while traveling on long open stretches of back country roads. A main priority for the SAG … [Read more…]

Day 1 Recap

We have finished day one of the Gold Star Mission 500. The riders have completed 128.9 miles of the total 514.5 mile trip. We look forward to day two which starts off at 0530 in Mt. Vernon, IL. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the mission today our appreciation cannot be overstated. … [Read more…]